All About Brooklyn Corporate Concierge Services

Our Team


Our professional Concierge Specialists are the best in the industry because they posses extensive hospitality experience, are cultured, educated and very knowledgeable about Brooklyn and the surrounding boroughs. With one fax, email or phone call, they can be available to you any time, any place for any reason.


Our Services


Because we are so customer-driven, our services are specifically tailored to your every whim. We respond to every fax, email or phone call within 24 hours! We’re very successful at offering customized and personalized service because we really get to know you and all about you! Our realm of services and flexibility allows us to work within your budget, timeframe and preferences.


Our Relationships.


We have built an unmatched database of professional vendors and service providers who we pre-screen and require to be insured and bonded. This allows us to fulfill any of your requests, whether it’s local, national or international.



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